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My sister and two nieces have just visited me in Greenwich for a couple of days, so there has been a break from processing and more time devoted to the creation of cakes and major art works. Matilda, 8, asked for drawing paper in the first hour she arrived and spent a lot of her time reading or making things: cut-out dollies, a painted series of super fruits and assorted animals. I especially loved her cat and peacocks.

We also made a carrot cake with orange and lemon – it tasted as good as it looked.

Anouk wasn’t quite as creative in the kitchen, although she did learn to wave at herself in the mirror while she was here – and to dodge the legs of the dining table – not bad achievements when you’re just 10 months old.

There were a few moments when she thought that peering in carrier bags from shopping might be fun, but judging from her expression, was ultimately unsatisfying.

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