Great Fosters wedding | Emily & Marz

There are so many lovely photographs from Emily and Marz’s Great Fosters wedding on Saturday, most are going to go on this blog post, with a separate one for children at their day. We started the day setting the scene – Great Fosters‘ gardens are stunning and the lavender was out in full force, full of bees.

Emily’s mother was keeping an eye on things – like Emily’s dress that Emily and Marz had chosen together.

Emily’s colourful and classic bouquet was from Wimbledon florist Flowers by Eve.

Downstairs, Marz’s father Adil was welcoming everyone.

He and Emily’s father David were in position early for the wedding ceremony, in Great Fosters Orangery.

Before David stepped back down the aisle to meet Emily and her bridesmaids.

Marz was one smiley groom.

We had about 30-40 minutes with Emily and Marz for Great Fosters wedding portraits in the gardens.

Now, the croquet: we found it set up and I showed Emily and Marz how to hit the ball (beyond that – rules and things – I have no idea). Emily was brilliant, giving a ladylike and heartfelt thud of the ball through the appropriate hoop followed by oodles of giggling while Marz stood about looking appropriately swashbuckling.

Next, it is Marz’s turn. Here it goes with a manly thwack …

…  right towards our photographer’s nose! Ooops!

I was perfectly okay and managed to block the ball from my nose and the camera with an arm … but won’t be putting myself in that position again for a while!

On our way back from the portraits, it seems we were on a parallel journey with a guest.

With the receiving line about to start, it was time for photographs of the cake and Great Fosters Tithe Barn set up for dinner.

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