Mark Ronson at Greenwich Summer Sessions

I went to see Mark Ronson tonight at the local Greenwich Summer Sessions and had a blast.  Given the death of Amy Winehouse in the past week, with whom Ronson had worked extensively – apparently she called him the “sister she never wanted” – the evening was very much a tribute to her. You can read a good summary of it at Gigwise and the BBC and an amateur video of the final Valerie.

Anyway, here are a few photographs I took to remember the evening and put in my 2011 personal album.

The show opened and closed with “Valerie” – a song which Ronson and Winehouse recorded together.  The opening version was sung by Ronson and its writer Dave McCabe and the closing one by an expanded band including musicians and singers from Winehouse’s band.  McCabe said in the Scotland on Sunday:  ”I could tell you I was inspired by gazing out across the Mersey or walking past Macca’s old house, but the truth is I got the idea in a cab on the way to my mum’s. The whole song was written before I got there, so 20 minutes, max.”

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