South Bank Centre + Hayward Gallery wedding | Helen & Mattie

Possibly my dream venue combination – London’s South Bank Centre and the Hayward Gallery – were where Helen and Mattie celebrated their wedding a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve been going regularly to both for the past 20 years and am strangely fond of the grey concrete buildings that have undergone a facelift in the last few years. Helen and Mattie held their ceremony in the South Bank Centre’s St Paul’s Roof Pavilion, then took their guests to the Hayward Gallery for a private view of Ernesto Neto’s exhibition The Edges of the World before returning to the roof pavilion for dancing and more partying.

Helen was walked into their wedding ceremony by her brother.

Then there were drinks on the outdoor deck.

We started Helen and Mattie’s portrait session by waiting for the lift – and making the most of this red counterweight that floats onto the St Paul’s pavilion floor when the lift is on a particular floor (no idea which one).

Wooden panels, the Thames riverside and sunlit balcony also came into play.

Time for the Hayward – with some guests stopping for a break along the way. I especially loved some of the contrasting footwear.

The wonderful thing about the Neto exhibition was its emphasis on fun and interaction – including a funky pool on the Hayward’s roof. Guests had been invited to bring their swimming costumes and this is most definitely the first time I’ve ever photographed a bride and groom in a bikini and trunks – and the first (& hopefully last) time I’ve had water splashing towards me and the camera.

One of Helen & Mattie’s guests was a keen photographer – so I took a couple of portraits of him – you can decide which is his best side.

Helen and her family really got into the swing of the exhibition.

Helen and her new mother in law – how sweet are they!

Helen, Mattie and I LOVE the Hayward’s concrete stairs, although they don’t usually have such stunning light fittings as this.

Outside, the light was fading and it was time to return to the South Bank Centre for partying … and a few more portraits on the way.

Guests who had gone ahead await Helen and Mattie.

Helen does a quick check that Mattie is choosing something suitable … Mattie is thinking perhaps Duran Duran. And the party is properly underway.

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